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How I Work

Why use a Travel Advisor? There are many reasons why so many people are turning to a professional to plan their trip.  People love to travel, but most people don't love the time-consuming research and detail it takes. This is what advisors live for!  Not only do we save you hours of research and planning, we can also provide benefits such as access to our global network of travel experts, complimentary perks & amenities, and peace of mind knowing we are there for you before, during, and after your journey.  We bring value that you can't find on your own google search, inspire you with new ideas, navigate through covid regulations, and provide a seamless experience you will talk about for many years. 

Longing for an escape? All you need.... is a Catalyst


During our initial 15 minute complimentary call, I get to know you and what your dreams are for your trip.  I will ask you about how you like to travel and the type of experiences that you enjoy.  I will share with you how I work and, if we both feel like it is a good match, we will proceed to the design stage after payment of your trip planning fee.  This professional fee covers the hours of research, planning, phone calls, and the concierge support you will have from me before, during, and after your trip. 

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During the design phase, we will have a more detailed conversation which will take place in person, by phone, or by video.  I will take various itinerary options, and present ideas for your consideration.  You can decide how much you'd like to collaborate together, or relax and leave all the details to me.  Either way, my aim is to make the process fun and entertaining for you. We can refine it until we have an itinerary that excites you and fills you with anticipation of your adventure. 


Once we have curated and confirmed your final itinerary, I will make all of the reservations on your behalf.  I will keep you updated on destination information before departure, and reconfirm all reservations.  If you are using one of our many preferred travel experts, we will call ahead and ensure you and your travel guests get the VIP treatment during your trip.  It will be my pleasure to monitor your trip while in progress to be sure everything runs smoothly.  If anything goes wrong, you can relax while I take over as your advocate to make it right. Nothing is more important to me than my client's needs. 

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